Off Beam, Off Side, Off Menu

Off Beam, Off Side, Off Menu

An Appeal from the Catholic Pews

28th April, 2012

In an effort to understand how the Church reached its present condition, Kevin Clarke goes back to basics and the foundation of the faith. He looks at God's gifts to us in terms of creation, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

He then moves on to examine our response to God; who and what is the Church: how does it function: how effective is it in proclaiming and giving witness to the essential message of Jesus?

A Long Way From Galilee

A Long Way from Galilee

31st March, 2016

A Long Way From Galilee, examines a number of the ways in which the Catholic Church has evolved during the course of its nearly 2,000 year history. Taking the form of an open ended letter addressed to Pope Francis, it poses the question of whether the Church may have unduly strayed from its original mandate and the underlying message and example of Jesus upon which it was based. The priorities for the Church today are seen as being a willingness to admit to past mistakes, a continuing commitment to expand our understanding of the incarnation of Jesus and a firm resolve to apply the benefits of this in our pastoral response to the needs of the peoples of our own time.